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At Dr. Rogovin's Brandon Chiropractic office we believe in an integrated team approach to healthcare for the benefit of our patients. We work closely with local medical physicians and refer out without reservation when a patient needs a multidisciplinary treatment regimen. Over the past 26 years, our Brandon chiropractic office has become a reliable referral source for local medical professionals faced with difficult or challenging neuromusculoskeletal cases. As a result a large portion of our practice comes from referrals from local medical physicians and other medical professionals.

If you are a medical professional visiting our site, we encourage you to browse the various pages. If you've never been in a chiropractic office, we encourage you to contact us anytime for a complete tour of our facility. You can see first hand the variety of techniques and technologies utilized in a contemporary chiropractic office.

We are one of only a few clinics in Hillsborough county and as far as we know the only one in the Brandon,Florida area to offer continuous passive motorized flexion distraction therapy. This technology works best for herniated/bulging discs, arthritis, and non-responsive mechanical low back pain.

In addition we offer Acupuncture as an alternative treatment for pain related conditions. Acupuncture is often very effective when traditional treatments fail.

Upon a referral you can expect:
• Initial and interim reports.
• A referral back to your office during active care and upon completion of care.
• A DISCHARGE summary upon completion of care.
• We accept only those patients we truly believe we can help.

If you have any questions about our office, or would like to refer a patient, feel free to contact our office at 813-689-6359.

Why refer to Dr. Rogovin

If your patient is not responding to traditional medical care, a referral to a chiropractor is often an appropriate and effective alternative. Patients appreciate your willingness to consider other options.

The types of cases that often frustrate medical physicians are the very types of cases most commonly treated by DCs. Lower Back Pain, leg pain, neck pain, and headaches are the most common conditions treated in a chiropractic office.
Chiropractic manipulative techniques and rehab are also very effective for extremity injury.

• We treat patients only for the condition(s) related to the referral - when we believe we can help.
• We provide regular brief written reports of the patient's progress and response to care.
• Once a patient attains maximum therapeutic benefit, we DISCHARGE the patient.
• We work to build Trust and Communication
• The Rogovin Chiropractic Office has been a respected name in the Brandon, Fl area since 1987.

Treatment at the Rogovin Chiropractic Office is based on an evidence-based approach incorporating "best practices" into our recommendations. Best practices include treatment based on three important concepts: (1) the best available scientific evidence, (2) clinical decision-making, and (3) patient values.

"How educated is a doctor of chiropractic?"

You may be surprised to know that like medicine it generally takes 8 years of college after high school to receive a degree in chiropractic (4 years undergraduate and 4 years graduate). A chiropractic degree from an accredited chiropractic college, followed by passage of the state boards (until 1975 MDs and DCs in Ohio sat in the same room and took the same test to become licensed), ensures the public that the chiropractor is well rounded in knowledge and scope. Since chiropractic physicians neither prescribe drugs nor perform surgery, chiropractic college places heavy emphasis on neuromusculoskeletal diagnosis and treatment. Therefore while we are responsible to be able to diagnosis and/or recognize general medical conditions, our background provides a clear advantage in the diagnosis and treatment of neuromusculoskeletal problems compared to most medical physicians. If you suffer heart or kidney disease, your medical physician is the appropriate choice. It is to your benefit to explore both natural and allopathic (drugs and surgery) approaches and choose your best option, or team.

Bottom line: No physician can adequately treat everything. Medical doctors, chiropractic physicians, and other health professionals all have a place in the healthcare delivery system.


"The Report:
Do Chiropractic Physician Services for Treatment of Low Back and Neck Pain Improve the Value of Health Benefits Plans?
An Evidence-Based Assessment of Incremental Impact on Population Health and Total Health Care Spending.

The report performed by Harvard Medical School, and Mercer Health and Benefits, released this study earlier today prepared for the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress.
Two very high profile doctors Niteesh Choudhry, MD, PhD and Arnold Milstein, MD, MPH were involved in this report.

This report explains:
"When considering effectiveness and cost together, chiropractic physician care for low back and neck pain is highly cost-effective" .



Richard Rogovin, D.C.